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The Jewells Primary School Band Program provides training and support for students in music tuition and band performance. A training and senior concert band are  formed  comprising  of  flute,  clarinet, saxophone, trumpet,  French  horn,  euphonium, trombone,  bass guitar, keyboard,  glockenspiel, drummers and percussion players. Students from Years 3—6 are eligible to join. The Training Band is for beginner instrumentalists and  the  Senior  Band  is  for  more  experienced  musicians who are ready to develop their musical knowledge and performance to a higher level.

Students have tuition at school or privately and practice in our band two times every week. All  band  members  are  expected  to take part in several performances and competitions.  We are regularly placed in the Lake Macquarie Bandfest Competition and frequently perform in the local community, allowing students to develop  their confidence and organisation skills. Students often play at school events and assemblies.