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Opportunity class

The opporitunity class (OC) program at Jewells is for academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6. The class provides a forum in which students can learn to be creative and critical thinkers. In this environment, students are encouraged to develop positive interpersonal relationships and to cooperate and communicate their ideas effectively with others of similar ability.

The aim of the program is to maximise the educational outcomes for all students.  

Central to this aim is:

  • The provision of a challenging academic curriculum and stimulating experiences which encourage individuals to achieve their full potential and satisfy their learning needs and goals; 
  • The fostering of a positive self-esteem and the encouragement of risk-taking in the learning environment.
  • The objectives of the program are:
  • To provide an environment which encourages divergent thinking skills;
  • To foster attitudes which challenge students to become lifelong learners who value educational, humanitarian, social & personal responsibilities;
  • To develop higher levels of literacy and numeracy;
  • To develop research skills and methods to encourage understanding of scientific methods of inquiry and
  • To develop self-understanding to enable students to appreciate their own strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses.

Entry procedures

Entry to the class is via assessment through the Selective Schools Unit, Sydney.  Students are required to complete an exam while in Year 4. The exam is held in July each year with the results sent to parents in late October/ early November.

The exam consists of an English component, mathematics and general ability components.

For information on the selection procedures and dates for this year's exam, contact the High Performing Students Unit.